We work for you. Not the other way around.

When you entrust Michigan Accident & Injury Law with your case, we never forget who we work for. This means serving as an advisor, friend and determined advocate for you during this fight.


We speak for you. Our results speak

for themselves.

It starts with a relationship of mutual respect. To us, you’re not just a client or a number; you’re part of the Michigan Accident & Injury family. Guided by this framework, Jeremy Tiedt of Michigan Accident & Injury Law works tirelessly to make sure our clients obtain the results they deserve. Since 2007, Jeremy has worked for clients on cases big and small to secure tens of millions of dollars of compensation. These outcomes all started the same way – with a phone call, a consultation and mutual respect. 


Here are a few of the results that Jeremy Tiedt of Michigan Accident & Injury Law has secured for his clients:


Confidential binding arbitration award for a deceased pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle on a sidewalk.


Trial verdict for a pedestrian who was struck by a truck and trailer that was backing up at a construction site. Settlement offer prior to

trial was $50,000.00.



Trial verdict for a dog walker who slipped and fell on an accumulation of ice that formed on the front stairs of a home owner.  No settlement offer prior to trial.



Confidential settlement for a bicyclist who was struck

by a tractor trailer.



Confidential settlement for a laborer who sustained injuries when he

fell into hole on a construction site.



Confidential settlement for a security guard who suffer a TBI while directing a tractor trailer into a loading dock.


Confidential settlement for an individual who was involved in a slip and fall inside a national restaurant chain.



Confidential settlement for an individual who was involved in

a slip and fall inside a national restaurant chain.



Confidential settlement for an individual who was involved in a slip and fall incident on ice that accumulated in front of a loading dock.



Confidential settlement for a resident of a nursing home who was injured during a bed transfer.

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I find that Jeremy is a fantastic attorney, he puts much effort into getting the best results for his clients. He takes as much time as you need to explain things so his clients understand what their best outcome will be. I have no issue recommending Jeremy or his associates to anyone seeking a firm that will go beyond what one would expect. He has always returned my call's and emails with out delay and I like that ! I have had other attorneys who wouldn't call back for weeks. Jeremy tells it like it is and that is how it should be. I have not only had Jeremy as an attorney but gained a friend.


To start this was not a huge money case, that being said, I was impressed with the time and effort put into my case. Jeremy was in constant contact with me by phone or email, explaining every step of the way. Every question I had was answered, and in the end when they put up a final offer, Jeremy thought they could do better, and they did. 

Being self employed, I rely on hard work, reputation, and good end results, I feel Jeremy does also. I would highly recommend his services.


Exellent and professional skills too defend his clients. I am very happy with the way he worked out my case. I highly will recommend it to family and friends in case they need a good lawyer/attorney."

Real customers. Real results.

A simple process. 

Our process is simple: Listen, Respect, Discover, Win.
It takes diligence and hard work in each category to achieve the goals of each client. At Michigan Accident & Injury Law, we ensure you’re informed during each phase of your case. Working together with our clients, we strive to get you the results you deserve through settlement, arbitration or trial.


Now that you’ve seen our results, heard from past clients and learned about our process, it’s time to give Michigan Accident & Injury Law a call. Attorney Jeremy Tiedt will guide you to what’s right and fight for you to get the recovery you deserve. 

A consultation is absolutely free. Let’s talk. 

When an accident occurs, who can you count on to fight for you? The sooner you contact an experienced attorney for help, the better.

Attorney Jeremy Tiedt of Michigan Accident & Injury Law offers the knowledge and experience that comes from more than a decade of litigating personal injury cases. When the time comes and you need a partner to stand up for you in a court of law, give us a call, and we’ll discuss your case for free, in plain terms, saving the legal jargon for the courtroom.

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